Tilting shower chair

It's common to find a tilting shower chair inside hospitals and of course they're generally used by patients that has trouble walking or standing with the nurses or staff at care facilities assisting the patients with the task. However, not all shower chairs are good or even ergonomic and it all depends on where the hospital buy their chair from.

Personally, I recommend the ones from TR Equipment that focuses on delivering shower chairs among other things that are designed to be ergonomic for both the patient and the ​​nurse. This of course is heavily beneficial as it helps reduce the risk of back injuries for staff and nurses. The TR Equipment products also tend to have a good number of features to help ease the workload and make things easier for both the patient and caretaker and can easily be used for toileting.

Making things easier for both

Having bariatric tilting shower chairs​​​​​​ that are made to make things easier for the caretaker and the person using it is important for the health of both and to make showering enjoyable rather than a hassle.

When it comes to the treatment and caring of people, money shouldn't ideally matter and focus should be on getting the equipment that works the best for all the people involved but sadly this isn't always the case, despite the reduced risk of back injuries among other things.

Still, I think most hospitals and care facilities does buy their equipment with comfort and ergonomics in mind for the sake of their employees as well as patients.​